Crunch Add-On Services

Some of the add-on services supplied by Crunch are listed below. The scope and availability of add-on services changes continuously so you must confirm with us before deciding to purchase add-ons as we may not be able to provide you with the particular add-on service. Where payment is required these services are paid for separately, if not included within package subscription.

1 Joining Crunch

1.1 Pre-Crunch Service

Preparation of financial statements for a company for period(s) prior to Crunch’s appointment as its accountant.

1.2 Pre-Crunch & Bookkeeping

Preparation of financial statements for a company for period(s) prior to Crunch’s appointment as its accountant as well as the bookkeeping for that period.

2 During Subscriptions

2.1 Accountancy Health Check

A health check of your company’s accounts for a full company financial period is designed to:

2.1.1 Provide guidance on helping to improve your company's financial performance

2.1.2 Assist with any changes in regulations and the impact on your business

2.1.3 Assist you in understanding the changing needs of your business

2.2 Ad Hoc & Amended Filings

2.2.1 Earlier Year Corrections (EYC) - Correction of previous, closed year PAYE submissions and refiling to HMRC

2.2.2 P11D Filings

2.2.3 Amended Financial Statements

2.2.4 HMRC Funding Applications

2.3 Bookkeeping

Crunch offers Monthly Bookkeeping, One-Off Bookkeeping, Express Bookkeeping, Non-Stirling

The bookkeeping service provides the following:

2.3.1 Preparation and maintenance of books of accounts for Limited companies. Any non-sterling business bank accounts must take up the Fixed Price Monthly Bookkeeping Service for the full duration of the bank account being open.

2.3.2 Services for bookkeeping are either monthly or one-off (this includes Express & Non-Sterling services) for a set period of time which must be confirmed before ay quotes for the service are provided.

2.3.3 Express services for one-off bookkeeping are available but may be subject to acceptance at quote stage.

2.4 Company Name Change

2.4.1 Changing of company name registered with Companies House

2.4.2 Standard and Same Day services available

2.5 Employment Related Securities Return (ERS Return)

2.5.1 General advice on, preparation and submission to HMRC of an ERS Return where shares are acquired as a result of employment by the company issuing the shares.

2.5.2 Application to HMRC for, and operational management of Statutory Maternity Pay, Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay or Shared Parental Pay.

2.6 IR35 Employment Contract Review Services

2.6.1 Access to our fully online IR35 assignment risk assessment and online report

2.6.2 Accountant review of the contract associated with the assignment assessed using access to our fully online IR35 risk assessment and IR35 employment status report.

2.6.3 Options to purchase a detailed contract review report or monthly subscription for multiple assignment reviews.

2.6.4 Detailed reviews completed by an Accountant are available. Faster express service also available.

2.7 Payroll

2.7.1 Employee monthly payroll

Provision of tiered payroll filings for Directors and employees: 1-5 Employees 6-10 Employees 11-15 Employees

2.7.2 Specialist Payroll

Provision of specialist payroll services for the following: IR35 monthly payroll Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) with Subcontractors Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) without Subcontractors

2.7.3 Pension Auto-Enrolment Auto-enrolment of Directors and/or employees into your company’s pension scheme. Set-up services for auto-enrolment are available.

2.8 Perks

2.8.1 Subscription service to access online & high street discounts, as well as cashback options.

2.9 References (Lettings)

2.9.1 Provision of accountants’ reference in order to secure rented premises.

2.9.2 Express service available.

2.10 References (Mortgage)

2.10.1 Provision of accountants’ reference in order to secure a mortgage.

2.10.2 Express service available.

2.11 References (Other)

2.11.1 Provision of accountants’ reference for other reasons.

2.11.2 Express services may be available.

2.12 References (Visa)

2.12.1 Provision of accountants’ reference in order to secure a visa.

2.13 References (Visa)

2.13.1 Assisting in disguising personal address details from the public register.

2.13.2 Government and official regulatory body post handling.

2.13.3 Scanning of all official business post and providing these as digital records through a secure portal.

2.14 Self-Assessment

2.14.1 Self-Assessment Preparation of Self-Assessment Income Tax Return for company directors or shareholders and submit to HMRC.

2.14.2 Depending on complexity of the Self-Assessment Income Tax Return, charges for this service may vary.

2.15 Umbrella

2.15.1 Parasol Group (see our Partner Services) will engage you (the worker) on a contract of service on terms agreed with you, the worker. You will need to have found an assignment with a Hirer using an Employment Agency before using the Umbrella service. Parasol Group will agree separate terms with the Employment Agency covering each assignment.

3 Integrations

3.1 Snap App

3.1.1 Automatic Processing of expense receipts into your Crunch software.

3.2 Tripcatcher

3.2.1 Registration of car mileage expenses, which are then posted to your Crunch software.

4 Bank Feeds

4.1 Cater Allen Private Bank

4.1.1 An automated feed of transactions from your Cater Allen Private Bank account into your Crunch software.

4.2 Metro Bank

4.2.1 An automated feed of transactions from your Metro Bank account into your Crunch software.

4.3 (TrueLayer) Bank Feed Service

4.3.1 An automated feed of transactions using Open Banking. Crunch provides this service through a third party (Truelayer Limited) and their terms and conditions will apply. You can view the banks supported here.

5 Non-Trading

5.1 Non-Trading Service

5.1.1 Preparation of financial statements for a company during a period of non-trading.

5.2 Closing Service

5.2.1 Closing of schemes and references with HMRC such as PAYE and VAT, preparing final closing company accounts and dissolution with Companies House.